Rebecca Lapidus, PhD


I take a personable, collaborative, and empathic approach to counseling.  I welcome on-going feedback.  In fact, I enjoy how patient input allows a unique, custom-fit, counseling experience with each person.  

What should you expect in therapy?

I believe my patients should always feel they have the following expectations met:

  • Feel respected and not judged
  • Feel that I (Dr. Lapidus) am highly receptive to constructive criticism
  • Be fully informed of your diagnosis, treatment goals, and treatment plans so you can be an active participant in these formulations
  • Have the option to quickly dive into “the heart of the problem” or pace yourself, waiting until you feel comfortable and have a sense of trust
  • Have your confidentiality protected (with a few exceptions such as protecting people from harm)
  • Openly question and discuss whether you feel satisfied in therapy
  • Have me (Dr. Lapidus) actively collaborate with your other treatment providers (e.g., your general practioner or psychiatrist)
  • Feel comfortable asking for other treatment options and referrals

Additional Words About How Rebecca Lapidus Shows Respect: 

  • Weekly appointments are made available to patients as a sense of connection and dedication is integral in psychotherapy success.  I do not believe it is helpful for clients to have to wait weeks between appointments because their therapist is overbooked.  

  • Appointments start & end on time.  I appreciate how details such as these reflect reliability and predictability that are essential to create the context for a safe therapy environment.  

  • The therapy hour is distraction free.  I do not distract myself with food, phone calls, computer work, or other tasks that can wait until between appointments to handle.  

  • I keep my focus sharp and myself fully present & engaged in each appointment by making sure to take care of myself (sleep, nutrition, exercise) and by keeping a moderate caseload.  You will NOT feel like something on a conveyor belt.  While having a private practice is my business it is also my calling and this underlying drive pushes me to conduct myself with the utmost warmth and compassion. 

  • Clients are viewed as people first.  I will take the time to get to know you and not over generalize from a possible diagnosis or treatment issue.  I will provide honest and clear feedback but within the context of curiosity (versus judgment).

  • "Resistance" is not a concept I rely upon.  If therapy ever becomes stuck it means there is more to understand.  That is, I prefer to reflect on the therapy process rather than "blame" the patient.   

  • Your autonomy is put above all else.  This helps me respect diversity and embrace you exploring your own answers versus imposing my own beliefs on you.  

  • I continually attempt to grow myself both personally and professionally.  I wouldn't expect of you to do what I am not willing to do myself.  I invest in growth that is well beyond what is required to keep my psychology license.  I am continually aware of the saying, "if you have a hammer everything looks like a nail" and am constantly seeking to expand my tools.